Saturday, March 9, 2013

Traveling While Censored - Use A VPN Solution For Privacy and Security

What do you need to know about securing your data while overseas?

According to the OpenNet Initiative, an acedemic partnership that includes Harvard University, "Internet censorship and surveillance are growing global phenomena."  It is a fact of life that in addition to hackers, many governments monitor data usage, particularly that of foreigners, for a variety of reasons.  While protecting one's data is always of great importance, when entering a restricted or potentially compromised network it becomes even more crucial.

Use of a VPN tunnel can provide some measure of protection against snooping or accidental access to prohibited materials.  The tunnel accomplishes what it sounds like - it creates a virtual tunnel from the user's device to an endpoint on a safe network, encrypting all of the traffic within.  If everything works properly, a snooper will be able to see that there is a connection from the user to the VPN endpoint, but will not be able to decypher the data that is passed between the two points.

It should be noted that while decrypting commercial-grade encryption on the fly is currently a capability exclusive to a handful of governments, there are a multitude of ways to access your data beyond snooping an access network.  Therefore, be mindful that a VPN solution provides only a piece of your overall security puzzle.

AnchorFree Hotspot Shield VPN is the solution that I recommend because it goes a step beyond.  In addition to securing the data channel, Hotspot detects and blocks malware, protects privacy by masking IP addresses and allows access to content that might otherwise be blocked due to geographic limits imposed at the content provider.

Hotspot received an "Outstanding" rating when reviewed by CNET and customers are reacting very positively to the latest set of updates.

While there is a 'free' version that is supported by advertising pop-ups, this strikes me as remarkably penny-wise and pound foolish.  Get the free 7-day trial of Hotspot Shield Elite and don't take any chances.  Hotspot shield is available for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone.


  1. Frankie Says,

    Yes, VPN Solution is very essential for enhancing Privacy and Security. I'm hopefully very much happy because by reading out this post some major wrong ideas about VPN has removed away and I'm now willing to use VPN solution when traveling in the overseas. Thanks

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